Uplifting Kids Program

Children's program imageHomeless children experience four times the sickness and twice the hunger rate of other children, and are at risk – resulting in poor academic performance, behavioral issues and an increased likelihood they will be homeless as adults. Each time a child relocates because of homelessness, they lose six months of progress in school.

Children up to age 12 are welcome to come to Acres with their mothers and participate in Uplifting Women & Children Program designed to give them self-worth, success in school and rebuild their family alongside their mom.

Uplifting Kids – Acres is a safe place for children who are in the midst of trauma. Uplifting Kids provides supplemental academic support, relational and emotional training, intentional mentoring, and an introduction into a relationship with God. Instead of slipping through the cracks at school, kids meet with their mentors and tutors regularly, and given opportunities to play, learn, and grow in fun ways, helping to break the patterns of homelessness and broken relationships.

To find out more about how you can support The Uplifting Women & Children program at Acres of Diamonds, please call 425.788.9999 or email info@acresofdiamonds.org

To apply for The Uplifting Women & Children Program, please click here to begin the application process.