Investing in New Beginnings

Main HouseWe all make mistakes. Some of us get in with the wrong crowd. Others chase an addiction, or even end up in jail.

Other times, we fall into hardship because of other people. Whether it’s physical or psychological abuse, neglect and abandonment, or some form of oppression, lots of women end up broken by the actions of others.

No matter how they get there, some women end up on the street with nowhere to turn, no one to love them, no one to guide or restore them – they are out of options. Many women and single mothers with their children are desperate for a second chance, if only one was available.

Acres of Diamonds is a 20-year old local non-profit that gives that second chance. We provide the place, the love, and the guidance these women need to rebuild their lives and start anew. Our structured living plan, on-site counseling, discipleship, and life-skill training helps them re-establish their lives with purpose, confidence, and support.

Our program houses only women or mothers with children. They can stay for up to two years, and all residents pay a portion of their housing and are required to get jobs or go to school.

You can help grow this loving and effective program right in the heart of your community. When you help a family get on its feet and build a stable life, the whole community gets stronger. That’s one more home with a strong and capable parent. One more place where a child grows up in guidance and love, rather than disorder and neglect.

This is the basis for our name – we find diamonds among the acres of dead ground the rest of the world thought was hopeless.