Programs at Acres of Diamonds

mom and boyAcres is part of a larger response to the growing problem of women and children living in poverty in Western Washington. About half of the 20,000 homeless in Washington every night are families with children, with no safe place to lay their head, and little hope of breaking free from the entanglements that got them there. Best predictor of future behavior is our past, so without breaking the cycle, they are stuck and it certainly is NOT the life they were created for.

It is against these tremendous odds that Acres offers Hope to women and children who find the courage to try and change their destiny. We serve families who are predominantly victims of domestic violence or substance abuse, and lifelong poverty. At Acres we say “We will walk with you. We know it’s not easy, but you are not alone. Your courage to hope, in spite of all you have known, inspires us.”

Transitional housing programs, like Acres, play an important role in the continuum of options and programs in addressing the concern of homelessness. The Uplifting Women & Children Program at Acres is a unique holistic program, embracing homeless women, and their children, who are seeking long-term help as they recover from domestic violence and/or substance addiction. A diversity of programs supports families to address their individual struggles. All the programs help our residents work through emotional challenges, find their own voice, and show them that a bigger community cares about them and targeted to create lasting change.

The Uplifting Women and Children Program supports the whole family, including Women’s Programs and Children’s Programs.

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